Games we played as kids

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid we didn’t have phones to play with we had a laugh and play ticky it. I often wonder what the kids do now in the play ground, snap each other?

I know it maybsounds old but how upsetting it will be for these guys coming though school now, the ones that don’t play games that is, how many memories they are missing out on.

We had a few games we would play in the play ground every playtime, if your around my age you may remember these.

My favourite primary school games

  1. Ticky it-The game that if you had the short straw you would have to chase the other kids round the playground. If you where smart you would always chase the slowest person first so your turn would be over quicker .

Ticky it…..

2. Two a ball – The game you played against a wall, with two balls and there was a process of levels, if there was one set of balls and the person before you just happened to be very good, you may have found yourself waiting a good 30 minutes before even touching the ball and then when you did the bell would go!

Hopscotch –

This games taught you the art of balancing and coordination skills and how to focus and think. Great technical game for everyone to cheer you on. You never really had to wait to long for your turn as most people couldn’t balance on one leg for to long ha.


The great thing about skipping was more than one person could get involved at a time it was very much a team game. There would be two people at the end turning the ropes and one in the middle and when double Dutch came over from America you could even get up to 3. It was very much about being in rhythm with the other people in the group.

Skipping games

Simon says

Simon Says is a popular game in schools around the country. The rules are simple, one player is ‘Simon’ and they give the instructions, while the rest of the group follow. When the group leader says, “Simon Says,” the players have to do the action

This is a great game for listening and learning to give clear instruction.

Wheel barrow racing

Great games for building friendships and team work, thinking back to when it was summer on the grass. You had to hold the others persons legs while they walked on there hands it was a fabulous fun game that taught lessons of trust and partnerships.

I think we under estimate the power of the games we played in school and what lessons they taught us and the skilled learned.


Chase the Ace, snap, black jack all just super fun games that help you develop great skills for bonding. I remember summer on the grass at school playing cards with friends.

Sports day

The day that everyone loved especially if the weather was great. The energy that that day would bring. Parents race, parents and children, 100 meters sprint, egg and spoon race so many fond memories from my school sports day!

Sports day egg and spoon
Your game not mentioned? Check your favourite playground game from the link! Happy memories enjoy!
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