Whats the secret to great content?

Being perfectly imperfect

What’s the secret to writing great content?

What’s the secret to great content? If you know can you tell me please, who has the answer? Or is it someone else opinion of what great is content? I struggle to write any content every week, I think who decides what great content is? Is reading about my life great content?

I can’t say I worry if it is great content but I do question who would want to read about my life?!?!

Here’s the thing, I believe, that just like beauty it’s in the eye of the beholder, not everyone has the same taste so what would appeal to one may not appeal to another. Can you see where am going with this?

We don’t all have the same taste, not everyone will like what you write or believe that what you write is great, but there will be someone who does. Like my one fan in the Philippines ( hi, by the way, thank you for your support and loyalty, what’s your name?)

Most people who have an opinion on what your doing don’t even do what you do, like I remember watching come to dine with me ” celebrity” and the food critic on there couldn’t make mash ( I know) but he is a fucking food critic like really, whose opinion, made him that person who could decide if someone else’s food wasn’t the best?? He couldn’t even cook! Do you see what I mean now?

Even now am writing this and am like is this good content? Will anybody read it? Well according to WordPress it’s shit I currently am still on red (its a traffic light system that tells you if what your doing is ok, in this cases not) green being the best. Two weeks ago I received 2 green dots.

I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to come across as a show-off, because am not that kind of person, but I was really proud of myself I treated my self to a double espresso, that night just before I went to bed!

Didn’t get to sleep till about 4 the next morning, just as the alarm sounded for me to get up! Have I ever told you am apart of the 4 am sometimes 5 and on the odd occasion 6 am a club? Well yeah apparently if you get up at 4,5 or 6 you have a great chance at being dirty rich. I have to be honest I have been at it for good 5 years now, it doesn’t say how long it will take though, but I did read that if you keep at it will happen!

Just checked I have amber on readability, do you think I may be on my way to having great content? Anyway, a concise version of my week.

1. I started systematising what I do and forcing on my shit sticking to one thing and not moving on till it was finished.

2. What happened, I got shit done.

3. The end.

Book am reading and listening to that if you read the last three steps are working.

Life leverage by my fav Rob Moore

Now I am not saying that’s all that’s in the book, am just saying what I have read as I haven’t finished it yet! Has made me sort my shit out, is all.

Started fitness with Tara on Instagram


Fuck me I can’t walk like really, I have had to take pain killers for the pain. I did all of this…

36 burpees

36 crunches

36 squats

36 push ups

36 jumping jacks

X 2 without stretching on either side? Who does that? Who? Me I do crazy shit like that. me!

Currently me



Anyway, I have bored you enough, with my below average content according to WordPress, even fucking WordPress has a fucking opinion!

Here is my week in pictures. Enjoy 😁 xx