Well this weeks been eventful

Well this week been eventful


So it’s 7.30 and I still haven’t left the house and my coach to London leaves at 8.05, will I make it? Just, made it. Megabus £5.38 Manchester to London is that not a bargain??? Some people think being on a coach for 5.30 hrs is a long time but to be honest it’s 5.30 hrs that you can get shit done! And I did get a lot of shit done.

London Victoria, I know I say this all the time but honestly, I LOVE London and that’s not I don’t love Manchester because I do, but London the buildings are just amazing love old worldly stuff, vintage charity shops old stuff with character. Yes I also know Manchester has this but not everywhere you turn.

My S.A was pretty decent and I will be staying there on my next visit, prefer this than a hotel and I highly recommend this method of staying when travelling. Met up with Lucie from https://www.facebook.com/honest.homes.official/ we had a quick catch up before PPN Blackfriar’s networking event.

We met at PPN Mayfair the night before I went to Andy Harrington’s power to achieve event and we have remained in contact since I would say friends as I don’t think she knows how to take my over friendly-ness can come across as overbearing. So I have learnt not to be offended by it anymore. The event was great loved listening to the speaker and Lucie spoke which I was impressed with for her first time.

Tony hahaha just meeting this guy was worth the travel to London an absolute gem he is and Mr Khan ha love them 💕💕💕. Talking for that long after the event i didn’t realise it was 23.30 wtf am tried. Gets back for just after 12 chill and sleep.


How nice was that sleep, sleeping in a double bed, just the small things that count really didn’t want to get up, anyway I did had a power shower ( that also was so nice) had a meeting which I had to cancel because I didn’t change my ticket within 24hrs. Had I had done it, it would have been, a huge payment difference to change. We settled for a call instead.

As I was walking down to Shoreditch which was where I was having my meeting I found a site that was doing a commercial conversion, so I went in to see if I could look at there selling suit the guy was super friendly and said he couldn’t at the moment but if I was still around at 1 I would be able to go up and have a look. Gutted cause I had to be back at Victoria for 1 as my coach was at 13.30pm.

Arrived back to manny at 8 pm just in time for my webair on modular homes. This will be the future for social housing.


Should have seen Daryl today but had to move it,  because I forgot about Bolton popup business school. Didn’t want to go but so glad I did it was pretty cool. A lot of people don’t know how much free stuff there local housing put on to help people move forward. I love the sense of community in Bolton and the passion that was in that room.

I went to a housing association meeting and met a woman who runs a charity for women who need help. She needed a place as the place she has the charity have to leave. Trying to work out how I can help her!

Also had an opportunity to go to network in London next week, something is telling me to go but am not sure that opportunity is still there, am really hoping the universe will answer this question clearly for me! 💞💞💞💞💞 xx


Up for a run and Tara 36 which has now changed to boss fitness if you are looking for it. It’s 7.30 and I need to get home breakfast and bath change and straight over to Bolton for the pop-up business school.

Straight home relax roll on 8 pm webinar with landlord association on HMO very excited for this as this is my strategy, started great then I started trying to take pictures (big mistake) it went off and I couldn’t get it back on, you know I was gutted right! Sent email to the Polly who sent it to me then went LinkedIn and tweeter to send messages haha, it worked Polly got back to me the next day with the record webinar and slides.


Up and out and I will be honest and stay i didn’t want to get up but had to have to lose this belly fat, not been eating great since I have been ill, need to get back on track gonna see if I can pick up a cheap cold pressed juicer so I can have my green juice and hot yoga Tara 36 and a 5 k run, if I am not a super hot fittie like this in for weeks… Honestly am over it.

So excited

Me in 4 weeks

Finished early at the popup school then on to meet another property source, which I was late for as I had to go home to get me piuyrse I jumped on the wrong team… Anyway I got there 30 minutes late and apologised.


Went to cuppa networking event and learnt some more stuff, most important take-home everyone is having good and bad times, most important thing is just not to give up!

Was up early make some nibbles for naomis opening!

Had a viewing which I implemented everything I had learned so far. Also did some leafleting direct to the vendor. It’s my nephews Vandantas birthday headed over to is a party.

Finished two Audibles this week my brother from another universe life leverage, property investment secrets 


yoga run to relax and hhavedate with my uncle dave at 8 pm xx


Feeling dead excited for this week, honestly, I feel something amazing may happen!


Here’s my week in pictures