The New Year new me diet

New year new me

I will definitely stick to it this time, New year new me!

So, we are nearly halfway through January, hows the new year new you going? is it a new year new you or is it the same you just a new year?

Here’s how mine is going, so I have to be honest it was a slow burning!

All though I was going, I mean, I am going to the gym that’s not the secret, is it? the secret is the food that we eat and what time we eat, so what I am saying is don’t starve your self in the morning, because lets be honest, us starvers do that don’t we and then come 3 pm we are asking everyone have we lost weight yet, then reach for the bread, just one slice, to the tune of no bread left!

I know, if your honest, there will be women reading this, and men!, thinking this is fucking true I do that, the thing is yeah we all do this and its cool, just don’t continue to do it, if you want that beach body babe.

Here’s what I find works for me, at the moment!.

My new year, new me!

  1. The minute you get up, drink water, they stay hot water , I stay any water as long as it is water drink it.

if there is one piece of advise that you listen to its this, give it two minute’s honest, toilet time and all of us starvers know when you hit the loo for a number 2, its weight lose time!.

2. Eat an apple or a piece of fruit, if your that guy that can’t eat brekkie, don’t feel bad sometimes I can’t, but trust me it helps and works.

3. Now if you have time have a coffee or tea, whatever your tipple is drink that.

4. Make your lunch the day before, when your not hungry. trust me this works, you will make a healthier snack.

5. Have another drink of water. 2 litres a day if you feel hungry drink water, because of 9 times out of 10 its water, not food you need, I know you already know this right.

6. Get yourself some of thoses nakd bars or something similar, if you have a sweettooth these are total game changers in the diet world honest, its a piece of cake with out the all the can’t have stuff!

7. Drink more water, Divide the 2 litres 20, set your timer to go off every hour over the next 10 hrs you will have drank your 2 litres. Well done your body is hydrated.

8. Dinner time by this point you should find that your just not that hungry and only require something small.

9. You may find throughout the day, you need the toilet more, but here’s the thing it will pass, just don’t get pissed off and stop it will pass!

10. If you stick to this ”this new year new me diet” you will be a fittie in no time.

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