The Fairtrade Movement

What is Fairtrade and who does it support?

Fairtrade is a movement that protects producers in third world countries of exploitation from big market chains.

The Fairtrade organization was established in the 1940s in the united states. It also goes by the name of WFTO which stands for “Working together for a fairer world”.

The first Fairtrade shop started trading in 1958 and sold needlework from Puerto Rico and started trading to poorer communities. Oxfam UK traded Fairtrade crafts items from China in the early 1950s.

Then in 1964 Oxfam created the first Fairtrade organisation which started a domino effect followed by the Netherlands in 1967. Since this time many more Fairtrade organisations have been formed. The most well known.

Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade foundation was formed in 1992 to help protect producers in third world countries by Christian Aid, Oxfam, Traidcraft, Global justice now and the National Federation of Women’s institutes and now also includes more.

When Fairtrade products started, they started with just two products coffee and Tea, now Fairtrade has a product range of over 4,500 included flowers. Fairtrade is a little more expensive to purchase reasons being that they pay their suppliers more. Fairtrade’s policy is the supplier gets paid a minimum price per kilo regardless of market demand. This price is paid on selected crops which ensures that the producer can cover production cost.

Fairtrade is currently working with 73 countries within these countries they are working with an estimated 166 million farmers and employee today. With more mainstream chains providing more Fairtrade products with the question being asked by consumers is, is it still Fairtrade?

Fairtrade products cost a little extra than the average shop and that helps support the supplier and the chain, but with Brexit and climax change will the average supporter still be able to support the Movement?

The CO_OP is one of the biggest chains that have developed there own brand from Fairtrade products with which include chocolate and coffee being there best sellers.

Fairtrade coffee farmers

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