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10 tips on living on a budget

10 tips on living on a budget Happy new year! So around this time every year, everyone, apart from the people who were paid on the first, is struggling with the fact that there is still 4 weeks left till paid day!. Being someone who has to live a small budget anyway, I thought it […]

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R.I.P Carl Ryder

in loving memory of

In loving memory of Carl Ryder YES CHEF! Everyone one thinks chefing is a glamours job, and sometimes it can be sometimes. But to every, up there is a down and that down is mental health in the kitchen. Really! Yes really! Why as chefs are we so committed to our jobs? Why if the […]

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Spinning plates

Being perfectly imperfect

Spinning plates So while doing the sandwich round allowed me to get myself together it was also starting to get on top and extremely busy, but not busy enough to employ another person. So I would be literally doing the sandwich round in the day getting cakes ready for street food event at night. During the […]

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Not all homeless people live on the streets


NOT ALL HOMELESS PEOPLE, LIVE ON THE STREETS. “You don’t have to live on the street to be homeless” “Being homelessness isn’t just about, taking drugs and living on the streets” By: Selina Hanley ” So!, 1 week over a year ago, I walked into Manchester city council office and declared myself homeless” A year, maybe 18 […]