Inspiring people

Bearly loved – Non-profit Organisation

Bearly loved, Empowering chilcren to make a positive change to another child's life

Bearly Loved is a non-profit organization, their mission is to “EMPOWER children to infect a positive change in another child’s life,” by collecting all unwanted teddy bears from children who no longer need them. The bears are then sent to children in need all over the world. Hear Andrea Lea founder tell us a little bit more about […]

My self-love journey

What yoga means to me xx

What yoga does for me      What yoga does for me    Having tried yoga a few times, I never seemed to take to it, until last year when I started Bikram yoga on a 30-day trial. Bikram is a yoga practised in a room of (105f).The best thing about Bikram for me was […]


Am not drinking tonight

Am not drinking tonight!     All day I have told myself don’t have a drink, don’t have a drink you can do this. Start trying to go out without drinking, you know it makes you feel like rubbish the next day!. Starting to get ready, I had a great idea to go to the […]