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Guess what happened to me this week!

Guess what happened to me last week

Guess what happened to me this week! This time last week, I ran the race for life for a Granny Scotland who lost her life to cancer the week preface to my run. My running time was 35 minutes, which I wasn’t to pleased about as I have run 10k in 60 minutes. It wasn’t […]


I’ll do it tomorrow

I'll do it tomorrow

“I WILL DO IT TOMORROW” Procrastination is a term we all know far too well. Somewhere along the way, we always find ourselves in a conflict with our inner selves. The common folk will most likely say, “Heck! tomorrow is still a day”. If you don’t believe me, just observe how your partner does the […]


About This Week

this is me

ABOUT MY WEEK MONDAY Went a little like this…. today was spent reflecting while on my journey home, on how amazing this weekend has been and how many like-minded amazing people I met, on their personal empowering self-love journeys. Andy Harrington is an amazing guy. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to attend this event. […]

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My Week…………..

MY WEEK!   MONDAY So Monday saw me a little stressed as I managed to get myself all the way to Blackrod for a networking event that wasn’t on until the following Monday. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t have to walk, nearly 2 miles from the train station to the event and nearly 2 […]

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felicas 40th birthday

Felicas 40th birthday

FELICAS 40TH BIRTHDAY   This year I turned 40, and I can honestly say I have had an eventful life……. In my younger years my mum said I was that kid you could tell anything to ( am pretty sure that’s changed) she said the Stuarts man would call at the house every Monday and when […]

My self-love journey

MAKE A CHOICE TO MAKE A CHANGE! “Change always looks scary, but its the best thing in the world, outside of your comfort zone is where you grow.” This time 18 months ago if you had said to me, you need to invest some time into personal development, my reply would have been “ Time […]

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Kitchen confidential – R.I.P Anthony Bourdain

kitchen confidential

ANTHONY BOURDAIN This weeks saw the loss of the man that took the real account of what happens in  kitchens and brought it to the surface in the form of a book “Kitchen Confidential” This book told tales of kitchen life as it was, which is why so many chefs all over the world loved it. […]

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R.I.P Carl Ryder

in loving memory of

In loving memory of Carl Ryder YES CHEF!   Everyone one thinks chefing is a glamours job, and sometimes it can be sometimes   But to every, up there is a down and that down is mental health in the kitchen. Really! Yes really!   Why as chefs are we so committed to our jobs? […]

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Mai's art

“Not all homeless people live on the streets” PART 3 The Hostel in harpurhey Started taking all of my bags out of the taxi, by this point, I have been in homeless temporary accommodation for 6 weeks and this was my second move, I had a few more bags than last time, a suit case, […]

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Homeless- Womens direct access- Part 2

Am homeless

Not everyone who is homeless, lives on the streets Womens Direct Access- part 2 Getting booked In n I arrive, gets to the door and rings the buzzer and a voice said, “who is it”  Selina, The voice said, “come in love.” I was shonw  into the booking room, where my key-worker introduced Herself  ( […]