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Are we on target?

Are we on target

1 million homes target by 2020! Big statement to make, are we on track? In 2014 Brendon Lewis was appointed as the new Planning and Housing Minister under the conservative government. In an interview with, the BBCs show inside out programme, then, Housing and planning minister said in the governments, manifesto 2015, target to create […]

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Homeless Entrepreneurs

Homeless entrepreneur

Is there Entrepreneurs among those that sleeping rough Selina Hanley   Homeless entrepreneurs Most days I walk around town and most days I see hustling for change, not necessarily are the hustlers rough sleepers, every so many you will get the odd one that’s selling a poem or selling knitted bracelets instead of hustling for […]

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Spinning plates

Being perfectly imperfect

Spinning plates So while doing the sandwich round allowed me to get myself together it was also starting to get on top and extremely busy, but not busy enough to employ another person. So I would be literally doing the sandwich round in the day getting cakes ready for street food event at night. During the […]


About my week….

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Broken Britain, Men cry too!

Broken britian, Men cry too! Broken Britian, Men cry too! When you think of domestic violence you think of women being abused by men,right? But……….! Did you know, that 40% of domestic violence suffers’ are men? Shocking isn’t it?, to think that there are also men, out there that are suffering at the hands of […]

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What is a modular home

Modular home

What is a modular homes?   Modular homes are houses that are built in factories also known as flat pack, system built and pre-fabrication houses. Modular means composed of standardised units or section for easy construction. Modular homes are said to be the future for social housing, which if true, this means no long waiting […]

Day in the life of me

My Debbi downer speech!

Sorry to be a Debbi downer! Monday Well, Monday I did my speech at the speakers club, which was fun, nerve wracking all at the sometime. So I spent most of the afternoon working on my speech, which made me think, how will I keep track of what I am saying without cards? I came […]


I met some pretty cool women this week!


I met some pretty cool people this week! Tuesday Tuesday was a pretty cool day, I met a woman and her husband a few months ago at a social housing event in the Hilton and we became friends on social media like you do, anyway, Shabana invited me to the Inspire summit, which is an […]

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Do you know who I am?

Do you know who I am?

Do you know who I am? So last week I got an invite to the launch of some off plan apartments in London that will be built in Manchester, but the event was in London, I know right! Some being the less than a Zlist celebrate that I THINk I am. Got all excited and […]


My week was amazing

Being perfectly imperfect

My week was amazing The Universe always provides! So this week has been event full, so for those of you out there that don’t know I live in homeless accommodation and have been through the homelessness system. My mission is to create better accommodation for the first time, homeless families. Monday – started with a […]