My Female Influencers

The women that have helped me up my Game!

Its Internationals women’s week and I think this is the time that most people, including myself, look at the women around them and how they have helped to shape and mould who they are.

Madonna singing am crazy for you.
All Women inspire

In know particular order,

  1. Theresa may, I know people will be reading this will be thinking what! but hears the thing as a woman, I just look at Theresa may and think, this is a women, who is super strong and ultimately resilient women. I have to admire the fact that she has people within her team that don’t believe in her and her ability, this she knows and she gracefully goes to work daily and still delivers the best service with the team she has. that has to be respected.
Theresa May
Prime minister

Michelle Obama

The biggest thing I adore about Michelle Obama, is her firm family values. She is the ultimate working mother wife icon, Michelle has been able to maintain her self and being her own enterity will still being the presdiends wife and mother, That must have been extremelly hard at times and I believe she did it with pose and grace. Michelle Obama you are every women.

Princess Diana, Princess of the world.

I don’t think I will be on my own in saying, lady lady lady, Princess Diana is a women who has shown that being in the public eye or married to the future king doesn’t mean you will be happy, but, you hold it together and you get dressed and show up! that again deserves respect, the fact that Diana made a decision about her life that she knew wouldn’t be the easiest shows a different kind of strength and admiration.

Maya Angeloh


Mayo Angelou was a pilpspher and poet. In her words ” love liberates” whats not to love about that?

Maya Angelou, what is not to love about her? strong and elegant and they way Maya had risen from her Tuarma of being rape by her mothers boyfriend and as a result becoming mute, which lead her to read every book in the library over a five year period which she used as a tool to help her and others, that’s true power and without going anywhere else with this for that one reason, I salute you, QUEEN.

Meghan Markle

Mehgan totally won my heart when she walked herself down the ails omg, how inspirational? now that’s strong and determined. How that must have been an astonishing experience, but scary at the sametime you have to admire that. Meghan is stunning and has this heavenly glow with a little bit of devil inside, Not only is she beautiful humanitarian and yoga teacher, but she is also clever and successful in her own right, more power to her I respect you.

Marilyn Monroe curvaceous

Marilyn Monroe has do be the sexiest women of her time. I have the most admiration for her and what Marilyn achieved and how she held her demons together and still despite what people said she came out fighting. Marilyn Monroe had an air of intrigue about her and I believe that’s one of the attractive things about her as well as her curvaceous figure.

Rosa Parks, civil rights activist and the original mother of the movement. Rosa Parks teaches every person who has had enough keep going and don’t Give up you will get there in the end.

Rosa Parks believe that everyone should live there life as an example for others. I think your right.

The QUEEN that is Oprah Winfrey

What is not to love and admire about her? Oprah Winfrey is an amazing woman who has battled with her personality and loving herself and shared that struggle openly. Oprah has something to teach everyone and one of the biggest things Oprah has taught me, its ok to say no. This Oprah is a philanthropist and all-round earth angel. I love her thank you for being an important role model for everyone.

My Grandmother Gwendoline

This wise no nonsense women with a bright smile and infectious laugh I have a lot to thank her for most of all my work ethic. My Grandmother is a part of the Windrush generation and has been the person who has been my positive light.



The like a virgin star as I was growing up inspired me to be different, omg I loved her, everything about her and since then I have admire the fact that she re-invents herself every time she comes back, I have so much admiration for her and girl crush. Madonna I salute you.

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