Living in temporary accommodation

So to some, it’s not homeless

On May the 2nd I will have been in ” Temporary Accommodation” for 2 years and all though it has been 2 of the most challenging years mentally and emotionally I am also going to say it has been the most amazing transformational years too.

Ok, so you have a roof over your head and you make it your own, but the thing is it’s temporary, but not temporary as in a couple of months, temporary as in a few years, by which point you have formed attachments to the place that’s meant to be temporary but always wondering when will you get the call that your home is ready.

Hidden Homeless

To the world people like myself are known as hidden homeless, hidden being know one really knows and if I am honest sometimes it feels like know one cares. The thing is you can have a roof over your head, but if you can not paint a wall or put up a picture or take things out and add stuff its not your home.

Another example of hidden homeless are those people who have to sleep on other people’s sofas, those that don’t have there own rooms until you are in this situation you couldn’t really understand what it feels like to have a home but it not be yours ( but at the same time grateful) and I guess people reading this would be thinking that at least you have one, some people don’t have that and I agree, but that’s the problem because we do no one bothers.

Helping people like myself we don’t seem to be anyone’s priority and I am not talking about moving someone into a private landlord situation because that won’t be enough either, the thought of the landlord selling at any time causes anxiety attacks. The reality is the thought is always in the back of your mind that the landlord at anyone point could sell that property and you could potentially be back at square one.

Thats the reality of living in tempoarary or private accommadation the constant thought that someone or situation could change your reality again because what you have isn’t a secure tennancy .

The reality is I am one of the 100s of thousands of people and families that are stuck in temporary accommodation with no secure housing options and no definite time to move on….. Put yourself in my shoes

What’s the solution more secure social housing that people can call their own take pride in and look after. Not having your own home a fixed place to create a space affects your mental health.

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