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kitchen confidential


This week saw the loss of the man that took the real account of what happens in  kitchens and brought it to the surface in the form of a book “Kitchen Confidential”

Yes Chef

In loving memory of Anthony Bourdain
The bartender- the chefs’ friend.

This book told tales of kitchen life as it was, which is why so many chefs all over the world loved it. As you read the book you started to see and relate characters in the book to people within the kitchen you worked.


yes chef

kitchen confidential

This picture, pretty much sums up the restaurant chefs ( in the kitchen I worked anyway), although the chefs in the restaurant where I worked ( including myself) were all stuffy fuckers, to be fair to us, we were that busy that it would have been extremely hard to remain clean and deliver on time!

My favourite chapter was “The bartender – the chefs best friend” which any chef in any restaurant, hotel, pub will all agree, we trade food for alcohol, they were the unwritten rules between the front of the house and the kitchen.

The book was the first of its kind ( as far as I remember) And it made you want to go home and read what was coming next, and talk about it the next day in the kitchen, where you were up to in the book.

It kind of made a difference from reading cookbooks and talking about knives. I think we loved it more because it was, like the book that made it ok and cool to be so fucked up, the, love of knives and cookbooks, partying, drink and talking about food like you were having sex with your partner normal.

cook for me

Yes, chef!

I remember taking JE’Taime to new york for her 16th birthday and dining in Anthony Bourdain’s restaurant, what an amazing experience that was. I had steak ( You can always tell a good restaurant by its steak) it melted in my mouth heaven, I always felt chuffed to bits for doing that.

I have some fond memories of the book and I know if you asked any self-respecting chef if they have read “kitchen confidential” they would stay yes the best representation of any book written about what goes on in restaurant kitchens ever written.

Thank you Chef Goodnight


Please read, and enjoy the adventures of the kitchen!




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  1. sound like you know what you?re talking about! Thanks

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