How to Property Sourcer without the essentials

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The Property Sourcing essentials

How to be a property source, without a car, laptop and a great relationship with your local estate agents.

The three basic essentials you need to be a successful property source, which  I am currently without.
For example, to be successful in property sourcing a car is essential, I mean it’s like trying to make a cake without a mixer, it’s difficult, it’s easier with one.  Yes, you can still find properties without having a car, this is true, yes, none the less its essential here’s why.

Viewing properties, without a car.

Alright, the deal is this, find a deal, secure a deal, property, you need to look at, at least 25-30 properties a week!, I know 25-30 properties, as its just you and I did this once or a tempted to do it once that’s 5 properties a day for 6 days. Omg, I found myself crying by day 3 honest, I was like how the fuck can I do this like honest, this is going to be tricky. To see five fucking properties a day eat a car like how the fuck Will I make this happen, to be honest, and say I haven’t attempted to do that again.

Relationships with agents 

What would make it simpler, having a great relationship with the estate agent, which again I don’t have?
Here’s the issue the agents, they hold the properties, the agents have the most properties so whether you, tell me, like it or not a good relationship is essential to the success of any property sources business. I mean if I had a great relationship with my agent I would plan there day around me not driving to make my life easier., but I don’t so, let’s leave that there. Now there are alternative ways which are just as easy which I currently work on these methods.


The third essential you need, which I would say is an important essential is a laptop, yes you need it,  which again I don’t have, I know people reading this would say phone yes this is true, but when looking at properties there are elements on the laptop you don’t get while looking on a phone, which I have access to at the library which is brilliant to be fair, but when you have to view 25-30 properties a week, network it is tricky.

I didn’t tell you about the time I went to visit 5 different properties all in my goldmine area, but all at different corners, with different agents all an hour and a half after each other, furthermore I had to get 2 buses in between each one.  Pissed off by the end of it, I know you can imagine,

Here are my property sourcing essentials

1) Of course, a car, without this bad boy in the winter you will get windswept wet, cold and of cause piss off!. Summer, now you will have the most amazing time, I can’t wait for summer.
2) A great relationship with your local estate agent is essential. Make that happen, for an easy life best friend’s like take them cooked food every day like forever!
3) Laptop laptop laptop you need a laptop to be on it.

4) A map of your goldmine area, know it understands what type of exits are in each corner of your property.

5) Books Property secrets, multiple streams of property income and no money down. Trust me these are essentials

Did I mention, that I now use a property locator and it makes life that bit easier? Yes!

Progressive property

Progressive property