How important is a hoilday?

Life without a holiday…

Have you ever thought how you would ever cope without your annual holiday? I know its unimageable isn’t it? well, imagine never having experienced a holiday?

The hot sun on your skin!

There is a large portion of our population that hasn’t smelt the sea!!!

More importantly even felt the hot air in another country on there skin! or felt the sand in between there toes. Imagine never experiencing that? can you imagine that I cant?, future more, watch the sunset in another country?

In the UK we have 66 million people according to data,

24% UK population without a passport

24% of those people ( 15,840,000) don’t own a passport. Imagine not owning a passport, imagine not being able to get away to another place, country or even experience the difference in cultures. Now think about the times, you have thought about how you need a holiday and when you have booked and travelled to your holiday destinations the relief that you feel having left your life for 2 weeks or however long you have away.

Think about the things you think about when you are away? where is my life going? where do I want to be etc.…. it’s great to get away to clear your head and work things out, that are getting on top of you, just being able to rest and reset.

Just think if that option wasn’t open to you? just imagine if you couldn’t get away and you never had the opportunity to experience that short break that rests review and relax. Doesn’t bare think about does it?.

I ask you again how important is it to have that family holiday? that short break? that group holiday, lads holiday, that girls holiday that reset and rethink holiday?


  1. Help to strengthen relationships
  2. Helps to life your mood.
  3. Helps to inspire you.
  4. Helps to keep you healthy
  5. Helps with menathal health
  6. Helps improves your knowledge
  7. Helps with self a stream
  8. helps with creative thinking
  9. Helps with planing and see better futer
  10. helps reduce stress

I ask you, how amazing did you feel after that holiday?

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