Homeless Entrepreneurs

Homeless entrepreneur

Is there Entrepreneurs among those that sleeping rough
Selina Hanley

Homeless entrepreneur

Just because your homeless dosen’t mean you’ve not got that entrepreneurial gene!

Homeless entrepreneurs

Most days I walk around town and most days I see people hustling for change, not necessarily are the hustlers rough sleepers, every so, you will get the odd rough sleeper that’s selling a poem or selling knitted bracelets instead of hustling for change.
With signs that say #homelessbutstillhuman or suggested donation £2.50. So I googled it as I was curious to see if anyone else had noticed that all though you may not have a fixed abode some traits can’t be taken away.
The homeless entrepreneurs.
In Spain, there is actually an organisation called the #homelessentrepreneurs and they find out what skills people have and Taylor entrepreneurship around that, what an amazing idea. Which plays on your strengths and passions.
Here’s what they do,
Homeless Entrepreneur is a charity that empowers homeless people to use the skills they have to create a new life for themselves.
With the backing of a huge community of supporters, staff, and volunteers, we work with individuals who live on the streets to create a small business or to gain employment so they can return to society, regain their self respect, and contribute to the community.
Our team includes business leaders, case workers, ambassadors, fundraising experts, psychologists, and many more from all over the world. Each person who comes through our program is assigned a support network to get them from the sidewalk to self-sufficient.
Cities we currently operate in include Barcelona, Tarragona, and Islamabad.
Our mission is to eliminate homelessness.
“At the end of the day, the only metric that counts is the number of homeless people who become active citizens again thanks to sustainable job opportunities and dignified housing.
— Andrew Funk
Get to know a #HomelessEntrepreneur in your own city and help speed up the process of creating sustainable work and dignified housing.

And get this, a woman named Becky Blanton has written a book called ‘ The homeless entrepreneur, how to start a business if your homeless poor or just plain broke! How fucking cool is that!
www.businessinsider.com tells stories of three homeless entrepreneurs who went from homelessness to success. Being a homeless entrepreneur myself, wouldn’t it be great to create more of the same!

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