Entrepreneurial code

Entrepreneurs are enthusiastic and some of the most positive people you will find. Is there an Entrepreneurial code? I think so

10 Entrepreneurial codes of conduct

In no particular order…

  1. Be authentic – by being this person you attract this into your circle of trusted connection.
  2. Network – It’s hard working all those hours then having to network, but sometimes these will be the only times you connect with other like-minded people, so make time for that.
  3. Celebrate – celebrate your wins, this one act will help you feel accomplished, even if it’s ticking off 5 items on your todo list its a win!
  4. Exercise – This will prove to help keep you focused and your energy high and help you remain positive, on days when things are a struggle.
  5. Tribe – Find your tribe, by this I mean online community of thinkers and doers, this will keep you focused when times feel tough.
  6. Be honest – if you are feeling happy be honest if you are feeling sad be honest about that too. Get it out don’t keep it in you feel much better when you talk about it with people who care about you. Be honest about what you want and expect, be clear.
  7. Give back – Find away to give back, in the beginning, you won’t have money so find a cause that means something to you and workout how you can help that cause do more good.
  8. Congratulate others – help others celebrate there wins and ideas, by doing so you are creating good connection and karma.
  9. Be ethical – have values that helps everyone to win.
  10. Educate yourself – find other successful entrepreneurs to learn from. Read listen and learn from everyone, they are all here to teach you,

Here are some of my entrepreneurial influencers

gary vaynerchuk –´╗┐

Rob Moore –

Lisa Nicholas –

Grant & Eleanor –

There are plenty of entrepreneurial influencers these are starting points, enjoy your journey.

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