Do you know what your EPC is?

Is your EPC accurate?

What is an EPC? For those that don’t know it’s the performance of your energy and how efficient your home is in terms of cost!

If you look at the picture at the top the chart runs from A being the most efficient to F being the least. All new homes that are built or modified in the last 10 years will be band A to B. 

What are the factors that help in your home being energy efficient furthermore, what does having EPC papers prove and why are they needed?

Factors in home efficiently 

  1. Double glazing not single
  2. Cavity wall consultation
  3. Insulate your loft
  4. Upgrade your boiler
  5. Thick curtains
  6. Watch your energy consumption
  7. Switch to a cheaper tariff
  8. Eco kettle
  9. Cooker
  10. Fridge

By getting your home EPC rated it shows that you have taken measures to ensure that your property, for yourself and others, will run efficiently at a low cost to you or to your tenant. EPC gives an estimated rough guild to how much you will ruffly be paying a year give or take.

How is one calculated

EPCs are taken by an assessor who assesses things like the above ten then rates according to which ones you have or haven’t.

Now, what is your EPC band?

I live in tempory accommodation in an all-electric flat-sized at 34sq ft. My EPC is currently band C which should be costing no more than 50 per week that’s 600 per year according to the EPC certificate which is about right for the size of flat I have. Currently I use nearly £2000 per year and currently in debt by 1500 pounds.

I have complained many times to my landlord that something isn’t right there must be something wrong with the electrics or something because for a flat my size I shouldn’t be averaging 120-160 pounds per month even if I have the heating on all day don’t switch off a light, something just isn’t right.

I have even spoken to the assessor himself and asked how this has been assessed and is this right? his response was yes, which I explained this can’t be, he just said, that’s it and there isn’t anything else that can be done.

Mean why I live in a temporary accommodation, hidden homeless, a property that emerges money that I just don’t have! The other issue is that I will move on, but what happens if someone moire vulnerable moves into the property? This is how people get in to debt and it starts to effect there mental health.

With that being the case, are EPCs worth the paper they are written on? And how many other properties have EPC certificates that mean nothing?.

And if anyone out there reading this could add advise please to get in touch.

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