Dear Landlord,

Thank you, for being one of the only landlords that will take on social tenants, because I appiciate that not every landlord what’s the hassle of having to apply and wait to be paid.

I would like to believe that when you started supplying the council with properties you came with the best intentions and you really cared about people as well as the rents.

what happened? can I ask you when your thought process changed, when you thought it would be ok to allow people to live in mould infested properties or properties with no heating in freezing cold weathers.

Please Can I ask you, how you sleep at night knowing that some of your properties are fugal and mould infested. I know that when it come to social housing tenants in the private rented sector they are pretty much the bottom of the Barrell.

Can I ask you, if you think its ok to allow your staff to talk to your tenants, there wage, like there nothing which makes them feel as though they don’t matter? I know this will never happen to you but, lets imagine it did? how would you cope if you and your family had to live in one of your properties?

Like I said thank you for being the guy that solved a much needed problem, but its now time to step the fuck up and solve the dilapidations of your properties and have some respect for people.

Thank you


Ps, we count!

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