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Nesta Marley

Bob Marley Its Black African American month I would like to pay tribulate to one of the most positive Black ( mixed heritage) to Nesta Robert Marley. On the 6th of February 2019 Bob Marley would have been 74 year young. One thing about music when hits you. you feel know pain One of the biggest icons of […]

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Dear Landlord,

Thank you, for being one of the only landlords that will take on social tenants, because I appiciate that not every landlord what’s the hassle of having to apply and wait to be paid. I would like to believe that when you started supplying the council with properties you came with the best intentions and […]



#pioneeringwomen So last Friday I went to London and I had a fantastic time speaking about my story of being homeless, I got the chance to read my story twice and listen to two other ladies with lived experience, there experience of being homeless. I believe everyone has a story to tell and there story […]


Can you speak?

Is public speaking your biggest fear? It amazes me how many people can’t speak because of paralyzing fear that runs though them at the thought of stand up in front of people, this actually has a name ”Glossophobia” or speech anxiety is the fear of public speaking. The word glossophobia derives from the Greek γλῶσσα glōssa, meaning tongue, […]


The New Year new me diet

New year new me

I will definitely stick to it this time, New year new me! So, we are nearly halfway through January, hows the new year new you going? is it a new year new you or is it the same you just a new year? Here’s how mine is going, so I have to be honest it […]


10 tips on living on a budget

10 tips on living on a budget Happy new year! So around this time every year, everyone, apart from the people who were paid on the first, is struggling with the fact that there is still 4 weeks left till paid day!. Being someone who has to live a small budget anyway, I thought it […]


Pictures not words

Pictures not words

Pictures not words The power of pictures. This year has been an amazing personal development journey which isn’t over yet! Looking back I didn’t realise how much I have done and how many people I have met. Looking forward to 2019, I feel it’s going to be a good one!


The Power of pictures!

Being perfectly imperfect

Life begins at 40! Pictures tell the story! This year has been an emotionally positive roller coaster to say the least but I have also had some of the most amazing times and if it wasn’t for taking pictures, I would find it hard to remember what happened this year. I don’t think I ever […]


Do you know what your EPC is?

Is your EPC accurate? What is an EPC? For those that don’t know it’s the performance of your energy and how efficient your home is in terms of cost! If you look at the picture at the top the chart runs from A being the most efficient to F being the least. All new homes […]


Centrepoint Sleepout

Centre point sleepoutmcr

Centrepoint Sleepoutmcr Centrepoint is a national UK charity that helps 16-25 year old with no fixed abode and support needs. Also known as Hidden Homeless. Hidden Homeless take up a 55% of homelessness in the UK that most people are unaware of. A hidden homeless person (s) will be people who sleeping rough, sofa-surfers, temporary […]