Are we on target?

1 million homes target by 2020!

Big statement to make, are we on track?

In 2014 Brendon Lewis was appointed as the new Planning and Housing Minister under the conservative government. In an interview with, the BBCs show inside out programme, then, Housing and planning minister said in the governments, manifesto 2015, target to create 1 million homes by 2020, which would help with the housing crisis.

The question is, are we on target?

Well, Unison say we need to build 250,000 homes per year to meet the housing demand, that leaves a deaftist of 50,000 homes per year, ratio 125,000 starter homes 75,000 social housing homes, So if we measure this against these static, without being negative, it doesn’t look hopeful does it. With less than 14 months till 2020.

The government says that over the last decade 1 million houses have been built to meet needs, and from now until mid-2020 there needed to be 300,000 homes built per year to meet demands. In the 1970s 300,000 were built each year, so why did we stop building so many, if the population was still growing?

Currently, in the uk, we have 27.2 million homes, of which 7 out of 10 are owner-occupied. The number of homeowners has risen by more than one million. Which is why we have a shortage of social housing, because of the right to buy scheme, which was great for social housing tenants wanting to buy.

From start to finish, it currently takes up to 2 years to build a house. The process of building a house, concise version, finding land, planning, which has been addressed as being the many causes for long timescales, sourcing contractors to do the work. It takes from 6 to 9 months to complete the whole project.

With Brendan Lewis being the person who pledges 1 million homes to be built by 2020 and him no longer the housing minister, will it still happen? interviewithwe will just have to wait and see.

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