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All in my week


Yoga with Laura ( this girl makes touching yourself fashionable ha) and a run started doing lives in a few groups for accountability and to build confidence speaking into the camera. It’s goddess tonight can’t wait had a great session last week at series house great energy and easier to share.



What an amazing session last night at the goddess circle, went in feeling grey came out all reikied out and full not colour, Naomi haha said she was worried when I went in! Ha. I would like to thank the universe for my amazing precision I am extremely grateful. Yoga this morning so grateful for this also helps me sleep, which is always a great thing Danny and Fiona are super amazing.

Leeds to watch Ian speak on commercial conversion took the mega bus, fucking amazing service honestly you can go to London for 5.00 love it. Fab event managed to get an interview in and all though I didn’t stand up to introduce myself (shitbag) I did tell everyone how amazing ( property porn) glens book was! Felt courageous.


Yoga and a run. Listen to the disruptive entrepreneur always make me feel good, I absolutely love listening to robs podcast, the people that get interviewed most of them I have never heard of, the best one for me was Gerald Ratner that cast gave me hope, and on the days that I don’t feel great I think about him and know that eventually, something has to change here it has too! #doingaratner

JE’Taime invited me to help her celebrate her first sale, excited for her, since writing this she has sold another item #jetaimewillbefianciallyfreebeforeme ha xx


Yoga, run, lives on FB. Say it all the time but love dannys yoga he has such a calming voice! Tina’s master class treats at maccy ds for porridge while I wait for my podcast interview, which didn’t happen, which I completely understand why. Committed to going to estate agents today, which I did and got a smile on my return. I have five properties to view, fingers crossed I find one!


On route to derby to interview Ruth Hobbs for my podcast so excited. Ruth is an amazingly strong woman who has achieved so much. We had a giggle recording even when we recorded once and it didn’t record and I was panicking Ruth was very kind enough to say they don’t worry let’s do it again. After the podcast, we talked out her future plans some more.


Saturday meet up Double espresso mastermind group is fab, more so for the cool black pencils. Had a lesson in mortgages with one of the members omg completely excited xx

Sunday fun day

So I wrote my blog Friday ( getting organised) today went to yoga, and came back and listened to start now and get perfect later!