About my week xx

About my week

About my week

5 am up feeling motivated, this is the day that shit will get done! ( guess what it did)
Sent out my morning quote it read “ today is the day that shit gets done!” ( not to self you can achieve these goals if you take more action!)

6 am Out ran 5k with ease not really sure why it felt easier to do today. The plan is to run and do yoga to shift the weight ( that’s the plan).
Saw 555 while I was out running, for those that don’t know it means change ( thoughts) would this be me that’s changing!

10 am Google garage, note to self, need to utilise this place more before it goes. The library I was on a mission to get my insurance sorted and data did. Mission accomplished, just need my certificate now.

12.30 Arrrrrrrrrr Yes!!!!! Yoga time so excited, because I know how amazing it makes me feel and how much weight I will lose. Am gonna run in the morning every day, am on it!

3 pm Lunch with my JE’Taime so proud of her and her business, she really is trying hard super proud.

5 pm.  Networking event love it. Arrived early, only because the train times changed. When I got there everyone was eating, (which is ok) but when they saw me they started putting their heads down, in my head am like, well this awkward hahaha.Love watching the speakers, I really want to do this, I like seeing how people cope at the front in front of all those people staring, it really isn’t easy engaging the crowd. The memorable moment Sam aka Frank Lucas American gangster so cool ( note to self give him a call.)

9.30 pm Event finished and I missed my train because the lad that was speaking was still speaking. And I didn’t feel it was the right time to leave, but as always the universe provides and someone was going my way how amazing. Feeling grateful.

11 pm Home time


7 am Up late, Yoga it’s working, haven’t slept like that for at least four months wow the power of stretching.

9 am Green juice for breakfast coffee trying to cut down my intake, but this morning feeling like I need it.

10 am Google garage social media strategies, yoga’s got me all over the place… It’s a good sign though Google garage is an amazing place. Need to keep coming.

12.30 pm Yoga my happy place, to be honest feel stiff as a board, my whole body is aching. This is going to be a struggle, but worth it. I Hope I don’t have to leave again, gutted I haven’t been for 5 months imagine how fit I would have been had I not had to stop!

6. 30 pm Goddess wasn’t sure I wanted to go, to be honest, but glad I did you, don’t realise till you have to write a bit down how fucked up you are with so much baggage to unravel

10.30 pm Home super knackered bed.

5 am Up and like I said the plan was to run and do yoga, but I honestly can’t fucking move man. Yoga its working I love it! My hamstrings oh my hamstrings.

6 am I am determined to get through these podcasts. Love this like a fat kid loves cake ( not I want to jump into bed with love. For the record) just that he is pretty fucked up just like the rest of us. Some of the cast I have listen to, I honestly think is he my brother from another mother cause bwoy, I honestly thought I was the only one who thought that made shit!

8 am Cleared the energy in the flat after goddess brought some sage and incense to clear the energy in the flat you don’t realise how much of other peoples energy you bring back into your home. Anyway, the flat doesn’t feel as heavy now. I can see clearly now!

10 am Yoga love it, still can’t move but once the heat gets in my bones it will not matter. My happy place.

12 pm Arrives home checks mail and by the looks of things I missed the postman yesterday ( didn’t check the box) I have a parcel, nips quickly to the post office to collect my parcel, opens it and its my parcel from progressive, super excited as I honestly forgot it was coming YES! Ovs I had to tell Instagram.

2 pm Homeless team arrive, since being here I have had 2 workers this is my third, they seem nice enough, she sorted out my food bank referral so I don’t have to keep asking for a voucher.

6.30 pm Robs podcast summit. Did I mention I genuinely love this guy! Just in case I do. Loads of knowledge in this, worth staying up past my bedtime… I think am going to start a podcast.

10.30 pm Bed


5 am Awake, green juice journal.

7 am Yoga with Danny love yoga in the morning gets you all fired up! Meditation came out all floaty love Danny yoga, he and is wife have such calming voices, I remember when they played Eva Cassidy just listening to that song brings back so many great child hood memories ( and the tears start!) With my dad.

9 am Just finished yoga and one of my PPN community friends call totally in the yoga zone still ha space out wasn’t in it.

6.30 pm Our robs podcast summit again can’t tell you how much I got from it the guy it’s a motherfucking social media genius. Love him, did I mention!?

10.30 pm Bed

Friday fun day

Well I decided to shut the world out and get shit done so I did!

5 am The usual up shake a leg. And I got out for a run! Get me!

8.30 am Disruptive Entrepreneur its all most like we are in tuned he always talks about what I have either listen to the day before or talked about #werid. But he makes sense. Love him.it’s all most like this is his therapy also! Trying to get my JE’Taime to start listening! One day! It would be amazing if he did a personal development weekend omg I would love that.

10 am sign off. Getting shit down.

12.30 pm Yoga, loads of tears today not sure where they come from honest. Love sues class, she helps you get in to the postures deeper honest she’s amazing. Dripping with sweat which means one thing…. Fat off haha love it xx

2 pm Trip to the food bank, what these guy provide at the university is amazing. I am lucky. Seen a guy get told he could come back because he didn’t get a referral, very upsetting ( the whole world help) I share my some of my bits my neighbour as she is a struggle also.

3 pm home head down crack on!

10 pm Bed

This week highlights getting Money currently on cd 4, excited for the week ahead
Excited that I have posted about the start of my podcast, excited I have my first interview next week!
Said it before I will say it again. Best think I ever did was get on that ship 26/11/15 =7 so grateful for my life.