Month: June 2019

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R.I.P Carl Ryder

in loving memory of

In loving memory of Carl Ryder YES CHEF! Everyone one thinks chefing is a glamours job, and sometimes it can be sometimes. But to every, up there is a down and that down is mental health in the kitchen. Really! Yes really! Why as chefs are we so committed to our jobs? Why if the […]

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Kitchen confidential – R.I.P Anthony Bourdain

kitchen confidential

ANTHONY BOURDAIN This week saw the loss of the man that took the real account of what happens in  kitchens and brought it to the surface in the form of a book “Kitchen Confidential” This book told tales of kitchen life as it was, which is why so many chefs all over the world loved […]


Dear Universe

Dear Universe, What I will do with the Million-pound cheque, you so kindly gifted to me, is this. I will send my Family on a year-long “LIFE” detox, ( Life Detox meaning, DETOX from work, from beliefs that you have been taught about life)  I will be sending them all to a remote island of […]