Month: June 2018

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felicas 40th birthday

Felicas 40th birthday

FELICAS 40TH BIRTHDAY   This year I turned 40, and I can honestly say I have had an eventful life……. In my younger years my mum said I was that kid you could tell anything to ( am pretty sure that’s changed) she said the Stuarts man would call at the house every Monday and when […]

My self-love journey

MAKE A CHOICE TO MAKE A CHANGE! “Change always looks scary, but its the best thing in the world, outside of your comfort zone is where you grow.” This time 18 months ago if you had said to me, you need to invest some time into personal development, my reply would have been “ Time […]

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Kitchen confidential – R.I.P Anthony Bourdain

kitchen confidential

ANTHONY BOURDAIN This weeks saw the loss of the man that took the real account of what happens in  kitchens and brought it to the surface in the form of a book “Kitchen Confidential” This book told tales of kitchen life as it was, which is why so many chefs all over the world loved it. […]

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R.I.P Carl Ryder

in loving memory of

In loving memory of Carl Ryder YES CHEF!   Everyone one thinks chefing is a glamours job, and sometimes it can be sometimes   But to every, up there is a down and that down is mental health in the kitchen. Really! Yes really!   Why as chefs are we so committed to our jobs? […]