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Mai's art

“Not all homeless people live on the streets” PART 3 The Hostel in harpurhey Started taking all of my bags out of the taxi, by this point, I have been in homeless temporary accommodation for 6 weeks and this was my second move, I had a few more bags than last time, a suit case, […]

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Homeless- Womens direct access- Part 2

Am homeless

Not everyone who is homeless, lives on the streets Womens Direct Access- part 2 Getting booked In n I arrive, gets to the door and rings the buzzer and a voice said, “who is it”  Selina, The voice said, “come in love.” I was shonw  into the booking room, where my key-worker introduced Herself  ( […]

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Not all homeless people live on the streets


NOT ALL HOMELESS PEOPLE, LIVE ON THE STREETS. “You don’t have to live on the street to be homeless” “Being homelessness isn’t just about, taking drugs and living on the streets” By: Selina Hanley ” So!, 1 week over a year ago, I walked into Manchester city council office and declared myself homeless” A year, maybe 18 […]