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Vipassana Meditation 10 days sat in silence PART 3

being perfectly imperfect

VIPASSANA MEDITATION 10 DAYS SAT IN SILENCE PART 3 May All Beings Be Happy So today is Vipassana day and on this day you are taught how to feel the sensations in your body.So you start from the top ( so by this point after four days,  of practising Anapana your brain is super, super, super […]

My self-love journey


VIPASSANA MEDITATION – 10 days sat in silence part 2 DAY 1 4 am Gong! An Old student ( someone who has sat one or more courses), rings the morning bell. With it being the first-morning and all the new students (including myself) are all excitedly keen to get to the hall. The stand peed […]

My self-love journey

Vipassana Meditation- 10 Days sat in silence

10 days sat in silence #beingperfectlyimperfect

My 10 days in silenceThe Journey to Vipassana Meditation Centre 6 am my alarm goes, its the day i have been waiting for, my Vipassna experience, 10 days sat in silence. My journey  to Hereford ( which is where Vipassna UK main centre is held) we didn’t do very much talking my brother and I. […]