10 tips on living on a budget

10 tips on living on a budget

Happy new year!

So around this time every year, everyone, apart from the people who were paid on the first, is struggling with the fact that there is still 4 weeks left till paid day!.

Being someone who has to live a small budget anyway, I thought it would be great to share with you all my tips on how to live on less.

My 8 tips on living on a food budget.

1. Take a look at the reduced section in the supermarket, this can prove to have some gems that are sometimes reduced to 50% or less depending on the time you go.

NOTE: Best time is between
6-7 in a large supermarket
4-5 in the local supermarket

2. Go Veggie, it’s not rocket science that veg is cheaper and if you’re worried about the taste there are some pretty amazing recipes out there that work or just replace the meat with veg and you a veg stock cube.

Note: Pinterest is a good place for recipes

3. Make your pack lunch.
This one is the biggest saver honest, the average person spends on there lunch every day £5.00 compounding is over the month is £100.00 per month over a year this is £1,200 its a holiday!

Note: £1,200 think about it

4. If you buy water the large supermarkets have there owned brand that only cost 20p for a 2-litre bottle. If your buying 2- litres a day the compounding effect is £4.80 to the £28.00 per month on the £1.00 bottle you would normally buy. Compounding over the year is £336, now that your spending for your holiday you saved on the lunches you now make yourself!

Note: All bottled water taste the same

5. Buy the supermarkets own brands
Honestly, this will save you tonnes. I can pretty much assure you that this will ensure your second holiday.

Noted: This is the game changer.

6. Use the app

Too good to be true . This app has restaurants on that at the end of the night tell you how much waste food they have for sale at 95% cheaper than the menu price. You pay online and collect within the hour or just before closing. It’s a way of eating out but with out the price tag!

Note: you have to be quick.

7. Foodbanks

For those of you who can use them, use them Google your nearest one and use them. There are different ones some you will need a referral, some are community based.

Note: when you have a spare day volunteer and give back.

8. Coupons

Mcdonalds charge for a medium meal close to £5.00 per meal. If you get a bus ticket you could buy a meal without a drink for £2.00 that’s a £3.00 saving.

Note: Buy a drink from the shop it’s cheaper.

Now that you have tried this for one month, why not try it for another month and see how your savings and life change.

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