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Bearly loved – Non-profit Organisation

Bearly loved, Empowering chilcren to make a positive change to another child's life

Bearly Loved is a non-profit organization, their mission is to “EMPOWER children to infect a positive change in another child’s life,” How? By collecting all unwanted teddy bears from children who no longer need them. The bears are then sent to children in need all over the world. Hear Andrea Lea founder tell us a little bit more […]

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Dear Landlord,

Thank you, for being one of the only landlords that will take on social tenants, because I appiciate that not every landlord what’s the hassle of having to apply and wait to be paid. I would like to believe that when you started supplying the council with properties you came with the best intentions and […]

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Kitchen confidential – R.I.P Anthony Bourdain

kitchen confidential

ANTHONY BOURDAIN This week saw the loss of the man that took the real account of what happens in  kitchens and brought it to the surface in the form of a book “Kitchen Confidential” This book told tales of kitchen life as it was, which is why so many chefs all over the world loved […]


Dear Universe

Dear Universe, What I will do with the Million-pound cheque, you so kindly gifted to me, is this. I will send my Family on a year-long “LIFE” detox, ( Life Detox meaning, DETOX from work, from beliefs that you have been taught about life)  I will be sending them all to a remote island of […]

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What yoga means to me xx

What yoga does for me      What yoga does for me    Having tried yoga a few times, I never seemed to take to it, until last year when I started Bikram yoga on a 30-day trial. Bikram is a yoga practised in a room of (105f).The best thing about Bikram for me was […]


The Fairtrade Movement

What is Fairtrade and who does it support? Fairtrade is a movement that protects producers in third world countries of exploitation from big market chains. The Fairtrade organization was established in the 1940s in the united states. It also goes by the name of WFTO which stands for “Working together for a fairer world”. The […]

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Living in temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation is a Hugh reason for peoples mental health. Not having a place that’s fixed to call your own is a Hugh killer for your mental health.

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The 7 spiritual Universal Laws of success

The Steven spiritual laws of success is the laws and principles that spiritual beings should live by.
This are different ways to find the information to understand.

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Games we played as kids

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid we didn’t have phones to play with we had a laugh and play ticky it. I often wonder what the kids do now in the play ground, snap each other? I know it maybsounds old but how upsetting it will be for these guys […]

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Entrepreneurial code

Entrepreneurs are enthusiastic and some of the most positive people you will find. Is there an Entrepreneurial code? I think so 10 Entrepreneurial codes of conduct In no particular order… Be authentic – by being this person you attract this into your circle of trusted connection. Network – It’s hard working all those hours then […]

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My all time, top films growing up

Everyone growing up had there most favourite films that they watched on repeat. I thought it would be good to take a trip down memory lane and share a few of mine. Enjoy!